Original Concept

Format: 78 x 7′ 2D UHD

Target: 3-5 years

Literary Authors: Nathalie Reznikof, Séverine Vuillaume

Graphic Designer: Marie-Laure Lautric

Artistic Director: Gladys Morchoisne

Executive Producer: Thierry Berthier

© Toon Factory 2019

With the support of the CNC

The Moods are 12 little characters who each embody their own emotion and live it to the

Their very particular personalities totally overpower them. How do you calm Furax down when
he’s angry, relax Timi when he’s closed up, soothe Sniff when he’s crying rivers of tears
or play with Grongron when he’s suliking. Like children who are confronted with similar
situations every day, the Moods are overwhelmed by the flow of their emotions. In
helping each other, they will discover how to change things! This tender and mischievous
series is inspired by innovative educational techniques. It invites the young spectators to
identify, understand and calmly resolve their daily emotional conflicts.