In Production

COMMENT RATATINER- 52×11′-2D – target : 5-7 years

Shrivel up is not so easy, fears hide everywhere, in many forms and you don't get rid of your fears with a simple setback. The solutions for a successful shrinkage are not necessarily the obvious ones. With fears, obviousness and ease are not appropriate. What is fun, in the end, is to learn to know and master your fears in order to be able to play with them. This is when shrivel becomes funny, hilarious, enjoyable!

Faced with their fears, children do not know how to react.

Our series, Comment Ratatiner will allow them to meet them closely and to experiment with humor, through games, funny effective methods of shrinking. The main narrative challenge is to properly deal with the subject of fear with regard to our target. “Comment Ratatiner” is a kind of “thriller” for toddlers. We play with fear and the monsters that symbolize it. We instill the thrill without ever really being scary or going too far. Children must be tickled by monsters and want to react and shrivel them up. But they also need to have a bit of the willies so that the subject is not too abstract or devoid of meaning and sensations. Thus, the shrivel, the liberating and jubilant sequence of the episode, finds all its flavor.

The shrivelling is the moment everyone waits for. It relieves and amuses but for that it must be funny and inventive!

Graphically adapted from the famous comic strip by Roland Garrigue and Catherine Leblanc: “Comment Ratatiner”

Literary Bible: Philippe Traversat and Babette Vimenet

MOODS – 52 x 7′ – target : 3-5 years

I'm scared... I'm excited.... I'm angry..... And I don't know what to do! Help the Moods! When Furax gets angry, it looks like me when I'm angry! And Zoumzoum who can't stop acting crazy, he's too much like me when I'm excited! But I also happen to be shy like Bulle and when I'm scared, I have the tremblotte, like Chocotte!

The Moods are 12 little characters that express my emotions and behaviors as if they were all facets of what’s going on in my head. Their stories are about small everyday problems, it’s like my life!

They also show lots of joyful and tender moments, I love it! As I am small, I often find myself overwhelmed by what is happening to me and I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, the Moods are there to help me find solutions and feel better!

With them, I acquire skills to be well in my head and at the heart of my emotions in the world around me!

Literary Bible: Séverine Vuillaume and Nathalie Reznikoff

Literary Bible: Marie-Laure Lautric

Based on an original idea by Séverine Vuillaume