Women in battle:

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Target audience: adult audience

Based upon the novel “Women in Battle: 150 years of fighting for freedom, equality and sisterhood” by Marta Breen and Jenny Jordahl (Publisher: London, Hot Key Books, 2018)

(c) 2020 Toon Factory

With the Support of the CNC

Only 150 years ago men and women led very different lives
Women could not vote, work or own property and went from being under the protection of their fathers to that of their husbands. It’s only when women started to organize did things start to change.

Professional responsability, financial autonomy, contraception, abortion, rights over their own bodies, being elected as a Head of State…from Harriet Tubman to Malala Yousafzai and everyone in between, this concept aims, with humor and emotion, to tell the incredible, sometimes tragic, stories of these women in the shadows who fought to advance the thinking of the whole world.