Samson & Neon

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Format: 78 x 7’ or 26 x 26’ Full HD 2D Flash

Target: 6-10 years

Author: TEBO

Artistic Director: Raoul

Director: Raoul

Producer: Toon Factory

Based upon the best-selling comic books by TEBO (Editons Glénat)

©2009 Toon Factory / Canal J.Tous droits réservés

Take a tiny, candy-pink, impertinent, extraterrestrial named Neon and a smallish hyperactive Earthling called Samson. Put them together and you get an invasion in a dirty clothes hamper! You try hiding a clandestine space invader from your parents! It’s not easy.

Sure, you’ll amaze all your friends and scare your enemies when your super stellar friend whips out his pantzblastah and leaves the school bully standing there in nothing but his undies. But, face it, a « stunning » friend with stunning inventions really can cause sparks to fly.

Neon claims that as a « shining intelligence » (ha!) from across the cosmos, he just came to Earth to conduct a private invasion and study how we Earthlings live. Fine, so why do we have to put up with those weird Spacelings drifting in through the same space portal?

Find out the answer to this and other fascinating questions, like why Neon’s gummy-brain goes splurt when it flies out of his head and why it does not have all the answers to all the questions. Admire how artlessly Samson’s granny puts those pesky FBI agents on the run. Our shake-n-bake granny is amazingly at ease with extraterrestrials, too!