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Format: 52 x 13′ 2D HD

Target: 6-8 years old / Family

Literary Bible: Alan Gilbey

Graphic Bible: Jan Van Rijsselberge

Director: Eric Cazes

Friends forever, wherever, whatever, Kim, Kate and Kylie are three ordinary girls in an extraordinary world!

Teen idol pop stars on a glamorous world tour full of unexpected twists and turns that build into exciting and hair-raising stories.

Sweet and cheeky, bright and breezy, with their long suffering chauffeur at the wheel, K3 never knows what’s around the next bend in the road and just can’t say no to an adventure!

Will they be able to save an orphanage from crooked property developers, unmask the burglars behind a big jewel theft, protect the timid lake monster from evil hunters AND get to their concert on time?! Of course they can ­ K3 always triumphs with a positive attitude and a catchy Eurobeat song!