Sardine In Outer Space

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Format: 52 x 12′ 2D UHD

Target: 6-10 years

French and English version

Authors: Joann Sfar, Emmanuel Guibert, Mathieu Sapin

Characters and Backgrounds: Joann Sfar

Literary Bible: Emmanuel Guibert

Scripts: Mathieu Sapin, Jean Regnaud, Philippe Traversat…

Credit Music: Dionysos

Background Music: Olivier Daviaud

Head Writer: Babette Vimenet

Executive Producer: Thierry Berthier

Director: David Garcia

© 2019 -Toon Factory – Studio Redfrog – All rights reserved

With the Support of CNC, la région Ile de France, Pictanovo, Scope Pictures

In coproduction with Studio Redfrog and Caribara productions

Sardine – she’s a rocket that speeds through the young viewer’s home at a set time, snatches him up at lightening speed, takes him on a tour of the stars and drops him off 12 minutes later beaming, upside down with his Mr Freeze spread out over the carpet. Cheeky, mischievous, ingenious, with Sardine it’s always explosive, sparkling –she goes all the way!