Sophie’s Misfortunes

Co-produced with STORY a division of Toon Factory

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Format: 52 x 13′

Creation: Bernard Deyriès

Based on the novels by the Comtesse de Ségur

Sophie de Réan is a little girl who never runs out of ideas for getting into trouble (clover or dog-water tea and burnt doll hair-do, to mention a couple!) That’s why she often needs to lie to her mother! And even though Mrs de Réan keeps a watchful eye out, Sophie encourages her friends, Madeleine and Camille to get into all kinds of messes.  All is well until the day our young heroine loses her mother and find herself in the hands of her horrible step-mother.  Mrs Fichini  does not manage to keep her temper when Sophie misbehaves, as her mother could have.