Project Description

Depardieu Only Knows

Concept: Gérard Depardieu

Format: 52 x 3′

Target: adults

Literary Authors: Gérard Depardieu

Executive Producer: Thierry Berthier © Toon Factory

© Toon Factory 2020

The legendary French actor revisited as an animated hero.

Toon Factory has just launched the development of an animated and innovative series based on an original concept by Gerard Depardieu.  Each episode of this chronicle for adults (52 x 3′) sets the scene for the actor to give us his vision and viewpoint on our planet and life on it!

Through “Depardieu Only Knows” you will discover the world as Gerard sees it, without any filters or concessions.  This totally nonconformist man will reveal himself, his qualities, faults and his controversial character, stripped of any pretence, through his frank discourse, his passions and regrets.